eGauge EG3000

eGauge is an affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to 3-phases (120V−480V, 50−60Hz). It is used to measure and record total building electrical consumption, solar, wind, consumption of individual circuits, such as appliances or geothermal system pumps, and motors.

 The Chowmain eGauge driver provides live data feedback from the eGauge unit.  This live data can be viewed on the Control4 5 inch, 7 inch, MyHome PC and Onscreen user interfaces.  The data can be used in Control4’s programming as variables or have a minimum and maximum event trigger set in the driver itself.  This provides live automated responses to changes in energy usage.

The application can be downloaded from the Control4 4store.  This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Usage Scenarios

  • Automate white goods start up upon high PV solar/wind energy production.
  • Automate energy savings when energy usage is too high by dimming lights and setting back HVAC set points.
  • Shut down delicate electronics upon over or under voltage detection.
  • Detect faulty equipment early and warn the home owner should excessively high or low energy usage readings occur.
  • Warn the home owner if they have left the oven on for too long.


  • Live Energy Feedback for:
    • Voltage Level across 3 inputs (Can be used for 3 phase or solar)
    • Current & Power usage for upto 12 circuits
  • Voltage, Current, Power, Total Usage and Total Generation are Control4 Variables
  • Minimum and Maximum event triggers for all 12 circuits
  • Control4 4store application to show current energy usage (for systems with only one eGauge in it)

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