Who are we?

Chowmain is a New Zealand registered company based in both Auckland (NZ) and in Melbourne (Australia).  Our staff have been working in the home automation industry for years and understand how electronics work.  As such we have the expertise to manipulate and improve these products via our premium driver range. 

What is a driver?

A driver is a module or plugin for the home automation system that allows integrators to easily integrate a product or service into the system.

How do I purchase your drivers?

Our drivers are solely distributed by Houselogix Inc. 

All driver sales are made via their website to registered dealers only.  All driver licences are sold per project.  One licence can be used multiple times in the one project if you have multiples of the same device.  Licences can be managed via the Houselogix website.  If the controller has been RMA's or upgraded you can revoke the licence and reuse it again via your dealer dashboard on the Houselogix website.

Who do I contact for technical support?

All drivers are fully documented and supported by Houselogix and each comes with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install on a control system.  If you require additional support please log a ticket on the Houselogix website.  The support page lists the Houselogix contact details.