Generic TCP Command Driver (IR)

Control4 allows for you to easily integrate infra red based audio/visual devices but it does not give you the ability to integrate TCP/IP based devices easily.

This is where the Chowmain generic tcp command driver comes in.  With customisable actions you can now easily fire off TCP or HTTP commands to any device or service contactable from your network.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.



  • Everything is programmed from the actions tab
  • HTTP commands
  • TCP commands
    • Definable IP Address, Port and Command
    • Command can contain special character delimiters such as carriage returns or line feeds (eg \r\n).
  • Wake-On LAN command
    • Can be used to wake up a sleeping or powered off device that supports wake on lan (eg computers or NAS drives).
  • Can be used to quickly integrate devices not normally integrated within Control4’s driver wizard by adding tcp commands to their events page.


Usage Scenarios

  • Firing a command to start up or shutdown a NAS drive
  • Firing a command to trigger an IP Camera to start recording
  • Making a quick TCP/IP based AV driver.
  • Log Control4 usage data to a database
  • Send a SMS via an online SMS gateway
  • Send a Push Notification via an online push notification service (eg or

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