IFTTT Maker Driver

IFTTT (an abbreviation of "If This Then That") is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services and products.

IFTTT integration into ELAN allows ELAN to control any of the products or services integrated into IFTTT and have those products also control ELAN.

This expands the integration of ELAN to support numerous functions that it natively does not do.  We have listed a few examples of what integration can bring to ELAN below and have also stepped through programming some of the ones we feel are useful to a lot of people. Note that this is a small list of things we liked.  There are a lot of other things you can do currently (with lots more coming in future to IFTTT) so we suggest you check out the channels on the IFTTT website.

We are keen to hear about what cool things you have done with the driver.  Let us know via twitter, email or forum post.

This driver will only work on ELAN Core 8.2 and above.

Outbound Examples (ELAN > IFTTT)

  • Control your white good appliances such as ovens, dish washers, washing machinese, dryers and robot vacuum cleaners
  • ELAN can send SMS’s via your Android phone (IF app must be downloaded to the phone)
  • ELAN can call your phone number and say a message (for security alarms, smoke alarms and other emergencies).
  • ELAN can save data about the events in your home in google docs or dropbox.
  • ELAN can save data about the events in your home to IFTTT’s daily or weekly email digest.
  • ELAN can send emails out
  • ELAN can send push notifications out
  • ELAN can send Skype messages
  • ELAN can send Google Glass notifications (with Message, Image URL and URL fields).
  • ELAN can send notifications to your Android wear device (requires IF app installed).
  • ELAN can send your BMW (Connected Drive Compatible) a message on your car’s front screen display (120 characters limited)
  • ELAN can find lost items (needs tags) or phones (call your phone).
  • ELAN can send your Tesla (EVE enabled) a message (with subject, message and message type fields) on your car’s dashboard
  • ELAN can turn on or off your GE Smart Appliance and more.
  • ELAN can tell your Android phone to turn on/off Bluetooth or wifi (might be useful when you’re leaving or coming back home).
  • Tell the world via Facebook what your home is upto (might not be a good idea).


  • Get the on/off state of your white good appliances such as ovens, dish washers, washing machinese, dryers and robot vacuum cleaners
  • Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo, Tap, etc), Microsot Cortana or Google Assistant (Home, Pixel) can send commands to ELAN via voice recognition to do things like turn lights on, play music, house off and more.
  • ELAN can pause your music and videos when you answer your phone (android only)
  • ELAN can detect if a specific person has entered or left a room/zone using beacons.
  • iOS Location and Android Location (via the IF app) can tell ELAN when you are approaching or leaving home.
  • Send a warning to ELAN when something has been picked up or moved (needs wireless tag)
  • Your BMW (Connected Drive Compatible) can tell ELAN when it is entering or exiting an area.
  • Your EVE enabled Tesla car can tell ELAN when it has arrived home, is leaving home or on the way home.
  • Your Automatic, Zubie or Dash enabled car can tell Conrol4 when you have turned the car on or off within a certain area.
  • Your GE, LG and Samsung Smart appliances can tell ELAN when it has been turned on, off, if for example an oven timer is done, if there is a leak in the dishwasher, if the filter needs cleaning, if the dryer cycle has finished, if the fridge door has been left open for too long,
  • Your Nest Protect smoke alarm can send ELAN smoke emergency, warning and carbon monoxide emergencies
  • Your Netatmo Welcome can tell ELAN when a specific person, known person or even an unknown person has been seen or arrives home (facial recognition)
  • Your Roost Smart Battery can tell ELAN ol4 (via the announcement agent) when its battery is low (Great for smoke alarms).
  • Control ELAN via SMS or phone call to IFTTT.
  • If the temperature (via weather forecast/conditions) changes in your area tell ELAN to do something.
  • Your Android phone can tell ELAN when it has connected or disconnected to/from a specific Wifi network.
  • Change the colours of your RGB LED’s to your teams colour using the ESPN channel when the game starts.

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