Sun-Light Solutions creates the Control4 Driver Module for amBX LSE.

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom - Collaboration between Sun-Light Solutions, Chowmain NZ & amBX UK delivers the Control4 driver module for the amBX Light-Scene Engine, the IP based DMX LED lighting control system, famous for controlling lights to video and audio content for cinema, media rooms etc.

The new generation amBX is a hugely extended & scalable system, perfect for controlling lights within multiple spaces (up-to 32 spaces) in the home, office, meeting rooms, classrooms, teaching spaces, event spaces, bars, clubs and restaurants amongst many others – Offering multi DMX universe support for the larger systems.

Chowmain, a world renowned creator of Control4 drivers for some of the worlds leading brands, has seamlessly developed the integration driver for the Light-Scene Engine. The driver has been developed for Control4 OS version 2.6.0 running on the new T3 series, iPhones, iPads etc. The integration features include user selection of space, Light-Scene, brightness & saturation.

The driver is exclusively available from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd, please contact for further information – – +44 (0)7887 634990

Light-Scene Engine Driver.

  • Definable IP Address
  • Definable Poll interval
  • Definable Space selection
  • Definable Brightness
  • Definable Saturation

Light Scene Driver

  • Ability to bind to slot in engine driver (1-24)
  • Automatic Naming of light scenes (pulls name from engine)
  • Definable Colour (via colour wheel)

2 way feedback

  • Driver will turn on the current scene and off scenes that are not on for that space.