Scheduler for Control4 T3 touchscreens

As of OS 2.9.0 Control4 introduced the new webview driver.  This webview driver allows Control4 T3 touchscreens to display a webpage for interaction with the customer.  We have taken advantage of this architecture to develop some custom applications for the T3 touchscreens.

The Scheduler webview driver for Control4 provides end users with the ability to schedule pre-setup presets/macros via the T3 touchscreen.

We have designed the scheduler to look, feel and operate in a similar manner to the Control4 thermostat scheduler.  You can setup a repeating schedule which will repeat on a weekly basis or setup a one off schedule that will only operate once and will remove or disable itself after it executes.

"This adds a missing feature from the Control4 home automation system that dealers have sought after for years and provides end users the ability to schedule without having to utilise the Control4 Composer Home Edition software for PC" 

An infinite amount of Presets/Macros can be setup by the dealer to suit the customer’s lifestyle and Control4 system.  For example you can create Sprinklers On and Sprinklers Off presets or for a commercial job they can setup a shop open and shop close schedule.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.9 and above for T3 touchscreens only



  • Consumers have full control over the scheduler from their T3 touchscreen.  They can
    • Add a schedule in to fire a preset macro.
    • Enable/Disable a schedule from running
    • Delete a schedule
  • Add in an infinite amount of preset macros.
  • Schedules can be once off schedules or can repeat every week for any day / time.

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