Yeelight Driver for RTI

The Yeelight driver can be used to control the Xiaomi Yeelight range of WiFi bulbs, Ceiling lights and LED light strips. These devices are inexpensive and don't require a separate hub to function. The driver offers full two way control so any changes made in the Yeelight app will also be reflected in the driver and on the touchscreen.

The driver offers control over power, brightness, colour temperature, and for the bulb that support it colour control. All of these settings can be used directly from the touchscreen or in your macros.

The driver requires only the IP address of the light you wish to control and multiple drivers (for multiple bulbs) 


Yeelight - RTI Virtual Panel.png
  • Simple configuration with only the ip address of the bulb being required.
  • Control over
    • Power
    • Brightness
    • Colour Temperature
    • RGB values (for supported bulbs)
  • Feedback for
    • Power, Brightness, Colour Temperature and RGB
    • Current Colour Mode (Temperature / RGB / HSV)
    • Colour Flow state


2018-04-18 15_59_43-Driver Commands.png

Can I use multiple Bulbs?

Yes. Multiple bulbs can be used by loading loading in the driver multiple times. Just set up the IP address for each bulb and your good to go.

Are the LED light strips supported?

Yes. The LED light strips work in the exact same way as the RGB bulbs.

Where can I get these bulbs?

The bulbs are available worldwide through Amazon, the official Yeelight store, Banggood, Gearbest and Deal Extreme as well as from a variety of local retailers. 

Is a particular Yeelight product available in my region?

Not every device is available in every region. Please check to make sure the device you want to use is available before purchasing the driver.

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for RTI come with a 7 day trial.

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